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Relying on its in-depth cooperation with international engineering and design companies, Huachen Automotive Group has developed its milestone product Huasong Brand. By virtue of its superexcellent quality and value, Huasong Brand is bound to become the best partner of businessmen on the road to success.
Jinbei Logo is composed of the shield-like contour and one tangible cup, emphasizing a majestic disposition and mirroring Jiinbei Car’s leading role amongst products of its kind.
The Logo, set off by the deep and connotative “China Red”, is painted in highlighted “silver” color, and it looks passionate, vigorous, youthful, and promising, which right mirrors Jinbei Automobile’s brand character.
The shield contour is sleek and plump and shows sense of hierarchy, emblematizing Jinbei Brand’s time-honored car making history and strong automobile manufacturing base, and heralding Jinbei Automobile’s endeavors to rise in international automobile industry.
At the center of the logo, the top of the champion cup is as sharp as the arrow tip, showing a kind of unstoppable and unremitting vigor, and implying Jinbei Automobile’s boundless development opportunities.

Brand DNA

As the leader in the commercial vehicle market of China, Jinbei’s success can be attributed to extraordinary quality and a highly diversified portfolio. Comfort, utility and professionalism: Jinbei is meticulous in even the slightest detail, and our superior quality, classical design and convenient service have made Jinbei the most reliable and professional choice for our customers.

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Owner Brilliance Auto
Founded 1988
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