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Changfeng Group Co., Ltd. formerly known as the People's Liberation Army No. 7319 Factory, was founded in June 1950. October 1996, after approval by the General Logistics Department of the overall restructuring of the factory system became a state-owned limited liability company, in September 2001 by the Hunan Provincial People's Government handed over the army as a whole, now part of Hunan SASAC management.

Companies registered capital of 1.669 billion and total assets of 7 billion yuan; existing staff of 5,700 people, the company has elected Li Jianxin, chairman of the tenth, eleventh, twelfth National People's Congress.

The main business scope: Cheetah series SUVs. pickup trucks and related parts such as automobile research and development, manufacturing and sales. Company administered cheetah, Hunan and Anhui Changfeng Yangzi Motor Co. automobile manufacturing limited liability company two vehicle manufacturers; company established in Beijing cheetah Automobile Research Institute; company in Hunan Changsha, Yongzhou, Hengyang City, Chuzhou, Anhui Province, Huizhou City in a 18 holding subsidiaries.

The company has won the "National Labor Award", "national model worker", "National Excellent Enterprise Culture Award", "National Civilized Unit", "National Excellent &ass-roots party organizations," and so on more than 70 provincial honor. And in 2001 to 2004 for four consecutive years to enter the "China Top 500 Enterprises"; 2001-2009 9 consecutive years into the "China Machinery Top 500 Enterprises"; 2002-2009 for eight consecutive years to enter the "China Enterprise Group tax 500 Strong. " December 22, 2003, Changfeng soar car won the "Chinese SUV Car of the Year" award. February 2010, cheetah car was assessed as State Administration for Industry and Commerce-known trademarks.

The company has gone through four businesses. Where: The first time was in 1950 -1965 venture, is for the military service a small ordnance repair shop (factory). Second start time of 1965 -1984, the factory mainly engaged in military artillery, arms, optical equipment and vehicle repairs, was the Guangzhou Military Region, the largest comprehensive repair business. Thud start time of 1984 -2010, the plant achieved a "military support to China, Paul conversion" strategic intent to build the country's largest production base of light off-road cars. To create national brands --- Cheetah cars, achieved by the factory system changes made to the company, "Changfeng Motor" (Code: 600991) successfully listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. the company relocated its headquarters from Yongzhou to Changsha. The fourth time was in 2010 to start ---,the company with Guangzhou Automobile Group strategic. return to the main business vehicle cheetah, cheetah cause another chapter.

Companies adhere to focus on the development cheetah SUV and pickup vehicle business, driven by new energy vehicles, automotive electronics, key components of the project and other strategic emerging industries, the “Cheetah” playing a leading automotive achieve the grand goal cheetah car revival.

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Staus Subsidiary of Guangzhou Automobile Group
Founded 1950 (Original establishment) 1996 (CMC establishment)
Headquarters Changsha, Hunan, China
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