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Qiantu Motor is dedicated to the design, R&D, manufacturing, sale and service of electric vehicles. The company adopts forward-looking design, open platform with intelligent connectivity features, cutting edge new materials like carbon fiber, and modulized electric propulsion technologies to build vehicle with driving joy.
In April 2015, K50, a high-performance electric sports car which is designed, developed and manufactured by Qiantu Motor, was launched at Shanghai auto show. The design concept utilizes lightweight materials extensively such as carbon fiber and aluminum alloy to optimize car framework so that it gets better dynamic performance and driving range. Its first roadster concept version and quasi-production version were launched at 2016 Beijing auto show. In the coming future, Qiantu Motor will extend the product portfolio with a series of high-performance and extremely light-weighted electric vehicles. On February 17, 2016, Qiantu Motor celebrated the cornerstone laying of its Suzhou manufacturing base with initial area of 230,000㎡. Qiantu Motor plans to invest more than 2 billion RMB in the first phase to produce up to 50,000 units annually in the early period. Different from the manufacturing process of traditional vehicles which focus on pressing, welding, painting and general assembly process, the Suzhou manufacturing base will take the advantage of application of light-weighted materials. After completion, Suzhou manufacturing base will implement large-scale customization and flexible production line which are leading China auto industry. On October 10, 2016, “Beijing CH-Auto Technology Co., Ltd’s Project about annual production capacity of 50,000 new energy vehicles” undertaken by Qiantu Motor got approval from National Development and Reform Commission.

Qiantu Motor is a solely-owned subsidiary of Beijing CH-Auto Technology Co., Ltd. (CH-Auto). As a leading automotive design firm in China, CH-Auto has cooperated with many automotive OEMs. Benefiting from 14 years’ experience in the vehicle design and engineering area of CH-auto, Qiantu Motor has already acquired comprehensive core technology solution of electric vehicles. Currently, Qiantu Motor is headquartered in Suzhou National Hi-Tech District, and it has R&D Center in both Beijing and Suzhou.

More Information About Qiantu

Section What Informaion?
Owner CH-Auto
Staus Sartup
Founded 2015
Founder Luqun,Wangkejian
Headquarters Beijing, China
Company Name:
Company Type subsidiary
Company Products K50
Parent Company Beijing CH-Auto Technology Co., Ltd
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