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Saturn Corporation was an automobile manufacturer and marque, established on January 7, 1985 as a subsidiary of General Motors in response to the success of Japanese automobile imports in the United States. The company marketed itself as a "different kind of car company," and operated somewhat independently from its parent company for a time, with its own assembly plant in Spring Hill, Tennessee, unique models, and a separate retailer network.

Following the withdrawal of a bid by Penske Automotive to acquire Saturn in September 2009, General Motors discontinued the Saturn brand and ended its outstanding franchises on October 31, 2010. All new production was halted on October 1, 2009. Many former Saturn Corporation assets are held by Motors Liquidation Company, although General Motors retains the trademark.

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Section What Informaion?
Staus Defunct October 31, 2010
Founded January 7, 1985
Headquarters Spring Hill, Tennessee, U.S. (1985–2007) Detroit, Michigan, U.S. (2007-2010)
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Parent Company Motors Liquidation Company General Motors
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