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Avtotor (Autotor) is a factory for the production of cars in the Kaliningrad region. Created in 1996, by 2008 it was one of the largest producers and assemblers of cars, including brands like BMW, Chevrolet, Hummer, and Kia. In 2006 it occupied 69th place on the list of the 200 largest private companies in Russia by the magazine Forbes. The company's revenue for 2011 was reportedly estimated at approximately 4 billion euros.


Сборка легковых, грузопассажирских и коммерческих автомобилей "Kia" и "BMW". Новости. Персоналии. Модельный ряд. г. Калининград, Россия.

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Section What Informaion?
Staus active
Founded 1996
Headquarters Kaliningrad, KGD, Russia
Company Name:
Company Type Public company
Company Products Cars
Parent Company
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