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Baojun (simplified Chinese: 宝骏; traditional Chinese: 寳駿; pinyin: Bǎojùn; literally: "Treasured Horse") is a Chinese automobile marque owned by a joint venture of General Motors and SAIC Motor, SAIC-GM-Wuling Automobile.

The Baojun marque was established in 2010 as an alternative to existing GM brands Chevrolet and Buick, which are also on sale in China. The company's products compete with domestic Chinese manufacturers such as Chery Automobile and Geely Automobile.

The joint venture's commercial vehicles remain under the Wuling Automobile marque.

More Information About Baojun

Section What Informaion?
Founded 2010
Headquarters Liuzhou, Guangxi, China
Company Name:
Company Type Marque
Company Products
Parent Company SAIC-GM-Wuling Automobile, joint venture between General Motors, SAIC Motor and Wuling Automobile Company Limited.
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