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Guangzhou Baolong Group Light Vehicle Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is founded by entrepreneur Mr. Yang Longjiang. The company was established in 2000. Companies with extraordinary speed, to create Following this wide, Aeolus third largest automobile production base in Guangzhou, China to develop into one of a handful of vehicle production qualification of private car companies, has become the backbone of China's private auto industry.

The main products of the company include high, medium and low business / station wagons, sport utility vehicles, and has the right to chassis development and manufacturing of the above models, for which the company has established a nationwide vehicle spare parts suppliers, effectively reducing development and manufacturing costs. Have completely independent property rights TBL5028, TBL6500 MPV in early 2002 Institute of Technology developed by the company is successful, the successful development of the model for Baolong brand based in Guangdong and gradually occupied the national market basis; in 2003, widened TBL6508 "Pegasus Block "MPV officially unveiled at the Guangzhou International Motor Show, expanding the company's product line.

Baolong gradually towards the main commercial vehicle brand. Based on the macro vision of globalization, Baolong Baolong sea lion has developed a light vehicle, Baolong overbearing SUV, MPV multi-purpose commercial vehicle Baolong other models, and thus promote the Baolong brand building, promote Baolong The process of internationalization.

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Owner YangLongJiang
Staus active
Founded 2000
Founder YangLongJiang
Headquarters ZhaoQing, Guangdong Province
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