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Brilliance Auto Group (officially HuaChen Group Auto Holding Co., Ltd.) is a Chinese automobile manufacturer headquartered in Shenyang. Its products include automobiles, microvans, and automotive components. Its principal activity is the design, development, manufacture and sale of passenger cars sold under the Brilliance brand.

The origin of Brilliance logo
In 2001, the Chinese character “中” (meaning ‘China’) was chosen as the core visual element of Brilliance logo, representing our deep love for China, and implying our vision to become the pillar of China’s automotive industry. The ellipses embody our dream of integrating global resources to build a national brand of China, implying our ambition of “In China and For the World”.

Brand DNA
Brilliance sees the handling and comfort of our products as tremendously important. Science, Environment and Design constitute the three pillars of our brands. Based on the diverse needs of our customers, the Brilliance R&D team divides the market into multiple segments, aiming to present customized models with perfect handling experience, cutting-edge technologies and stylish design.

More Information About Brilliance(HuaChen)

Section What Informaion?
Staus active
Founded 1991
Founder Yang Rong
Headquarters Shenyang, Liaoning, China
Company Name: Brilliance China Automotive Holdings Limited
Company Type Private
Company Products
Parent Company
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