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DENZA Logo is comprised of a central water-drop supported by two hands.
The blue drop represents the technology and the future, reflecting DENZA to pursue a pure and natural environmental vision. The two hands represent the mutual support of our joint venture partners, aiming at protecting the environment and nature, devoting to new-energy vehicle industry as well as fulfilling the duty of environment protection.
Core value
The future will be better, because we never stop improving every day from now on. Just like DENZA, dedicates itself to promoting the development of new-energy vehicles’ technology and strives to guide the industry within every step. The future of new-energy vehicles is clear to see. With credibility, harmony, excellence as our core value, DENZA combines the technology, craft, design and other sources of both BYD and Daimler. DENZA insights deeply into China’s national conditions and the development trend of new-energy vehicles around the world, forms unique brand core value, which takes creating beautiful nature and human life as its duty, considers producing excellent products as its mission and regards keeping making progress as its guarantee.

Brand Slogan—— A New Way Forward DENZA strives to be the first choice for drivers choosing to live a refined, yet understated lifestyle. In the lives of its car owners, DENZA has already come to represent a new attitude towards cars and life in general.

As one of the first wave of DENZA car owners in Shenzhen, Yu Chengdong, a senior Vice-President at Huawei, told us about his change in attitude when he began driving an electric car: “After I started driving a DENZA, I began using the brakes much less. All you need to do is take your foot off the accelerator, and the car begins to charge the battery as you slow down. When you’re stuck in traffic that means a lot of energy is recycled, which is good for the environment. When I drive my electric car, I always think that I’m driving a high-tech machine. “Many car owners who drive a DENZA have the same impression. When driving a gasoline powered car in the past, they found themselves annoyed and troubled by something that they couldn’t quite define. And most of them didn’t even realize there was a problem they were so used to it. But when they sat in a DENZA and began driving, they immediately found themselves in a peaceful environment where everyone could relax. Perhaps it’s because of this that DENZA has changed the way that many people drive cars. Somehow they feel like they want to share this peacefulness with others without even realizing it. Its subtle changes like this one that make DENZA car owners happy that they chose a DENZA.

Electric vehicles have an extensive history. They were even developed before the invention of motor vehicles. However, due to the battery life limitations, the development of electric vehicles fluctuated and eventually lagged behind the development of motor vehicles. With the current global energy crisis and growing environmental problems, there have been significant increases in scientific and technological innovations revolving around the battery life, thus enhancing the overall performance of electric vehicles. The era of electric vehicles has finally arrived and fulfilled the consumers’ dreams and aspirations of creating an environmentally friendly society.
In 2010, Daimler, which possesses 130 years of automotive excellence, and BYD, the world’s most powerful battery manufacturer, both signed an agreement for a strategic cooperation with China’s alternative energy vehicle market with the purpose of exploring new channels of alternative energy development for vehicles. Within the same year, Shenzhen BYD Daimler New Technology was formally established. With the combination of the German’s superior automotive craftsmanship and the most advanced battery powered technology, the new company is committed to explore the alternative energy market in China and forge the path for the most advanced electric vehicle in China.
This year, under the leadership of Mercedes Benz (China) design center affiliated with Daimler AG, Shenzhen BYD Daimler New Technology Co. Ltd began the design of the first true EV. Olivier Boulay, the design director of Mercedes Benz (China) Mercedes, began his frequent travel between Beijing and Shenzhen to ensure design excellence.
As a renowned designer who has designed the Porsche 959, Maybach and Mitsubishi family’s classic front face and revived Subaru Legacy models, Olivier Boulay has a deep insight into the Chinese market. He stated, "Design is not purely served for the model, but for humans... to find real Chinese elements, we must study the Chinese lifestyle." In line with this philosophy, he rode his electric bicycle across the country to visit friends in search for a traditional courtyard and trendy shops in hidden alleyways. While maintaining the thought of the China’s past and present, he listened to the desires and aspirations from the local population about electric vehicles and their future life.
From the proposal to development, Olivier Boulay led his team through an intensive design process. In 2012, a concept car named DENZA was exhibited for the first time at the Beijing International Automotive Show sparking intense interest and discussion. In 2013, a trial production car was unveiled at the Shanghai Automotive Show. In the concurrent year, DENZA and Mercedes Benz’s dealers signed an agreement of cooperation. Based on Mercedes Benz dealers’ network, DENZA is able to guarantee a comprehensive customer service platform for its potential owners.
At the end of 2013, DENZA’s production lines of international standards were revealed to the public for the first time displaying the German high-standards of automotive craftsmanship.
After witnessing its initial success, in April 20, 2014 Beijing International Auto Show, DENZA first mass-produced vehicle returned to the stage in a stunning debut and announced its market launch in September 2014.
DENZA is committed to become the first choice for the center of society; they are low-key, understated and focused on the quality of life. Providing convenience for consumers, DENZA is becoming a symbol, an attitude and a way of life. Simultaneously, DENZA interprets its philosophy: future is not a dream, but a reality. As long as you have hope and faith, you can take action to make a better future.
While looking ahead into the future, DENZA also attaches great importance to living in the present——EV is not the product of the future world, but it has become a reality and not only is it able to provide the perfect solution for your daily travel needs, but it will also make your life better!
From starting from a blank sheet to establishing precedent, from embracing the moment to taking an initiative, DENZA always fulfills its future promise with tangible actions, which is the core concept of the DENZA circle.
To be a copartner of future and make a better future, let’s start from a DENZA EV.
By virtue of the perfect inheritance to Daimler’s manufacturing gene over a hundred years, DENZA offers consumers a more comfortable and intimate electric life through well-rounded improvements in the fields of products, channels and service.
Product: Given the industry’s highest standards for the three electrical systems (batteries, motors, electronic control) to upgrade, DENZA 400 BEV officially starts off its 400km period.
Channels: DENZA cooperates with some strategic partners of Mercedes-Benz China and officially provides sales and after-sales service of DENZA for the first batch in 13 local dealers in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Hangzhou, etc. With the target of meeting consumers’ need, DENZA will further broaden sales and service network and enhance the competitiveness of the system as well.
Service: In terms of service, DENZA brings a more comfortable and easier electric travel protection* to consumers. By virtue of qualified manufacturing, DENZA provides an 8-year or 150,000 km free maintenance and core parts warranty.

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Owner BYD Auto, Daimler AG
Staus Sartup
Founded May 2010
Headquarters Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
Company Name: Shenzhen BYD Daimler New Technology Co., Ltd
Company Type Sartup
Company Products electric cars
Parent Company
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