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Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., Ltd (GAC Group) is alarge state-controlled joint-stock company. Its predecessor, GuangzhouAutomobile Group Company was built in June 1997. GAC Group is the first to belisted both in the A-Share and H-Share markets among all state-owned autogroups.

The company is engaged in diversified business forboth the domestic and international markets, including the design andproduction of vehicles and parts, auto sales and logistics, and relatedservices such as finance and insurance. It is possessed with an independent andcomplete system covering production, supply, sales and R&D. Currently thecompany owns or has directly invested in dozens of businesses, including GACMotor, GAC Honda, GAC Toyota, GAC Fiat Chrysler, GAC Mitsubishi, Honda (China), GAC Hino, GAC Bus, GAC BYD, Wuyang-Honda, GACComponent, GAC Toyota Engine, Shanghai Hino Engine, GAC Business, Tong FangGlobal Logistics, DaSheng Technology Co.,Ltd,China Lounge Investments, GAC SOFINCO, GA Insurance Brokers,and Urtrust Insurance.

Bearing in mind the goal “to develop into atrustworthy public enterprise”, GAC Group has been constantly increasingeconomic benefits, improving asset quality and enhancing profitability, thusachieving favorable financial results. Meanwhile, the company has provided hugereturns to its shareholders by making stable and continuous profit distributionplans. The company strictly complies with tax laws in payment, generating everincreasing tax revenue for the country. In 2013, its sales volumes of bothautomobiles and motorcycles exceeded one million, edging itself for the firsttime into the “Million Club”. GAC Group was on the Fortune Global 500 list forthe first time in 2013, and its ranking jumped sharply in 2014.

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More Information About GAC

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Headquarters Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
Company Name:
Company Type State-owned enterprise
Company Products Commercial vehicles Passenger cars Buses Automotive components
Parent Company Guangzhou Automobile Industry Group
Socal Networks:

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