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Huali is a brand of Tianjin Auto Works Company, a car manufacturer subsidiary of First Automobile Works Group. As of December 2003, Huali products are sold under the FAW Jiaxing brand.
Tianjin Huali Automobile Co. Ltd is the Tianjin automotive industry (Group) Co., Ltd. is a joint venture of the Tianjin automobile factory and the full establishment of Malaysia lion group. The company production plants are located in the Xiqing District of Tianjin city Beichen District Li Lounan and Han Shu, covers an area of 400 thousand M2, with assets of 500 million yuan, the total number of employees more than 4 thousand people, an annual production capacity of 80 thousand cars.
Company is the backbone of the domestic production of light vehicles, mini cars and medical modified car. The main products are: TJ1010, TJ6320, TJ6330, TJ6350 series of mini car; Yan brand TJ1040, TJ1041 series light truck and petrel of various medical series car. Huali brand TJ1010 minivan by Tianjin Municipal People's government as "first-class products". At present, Beverly "mini car was listed as Tianjin city famous brand products.
The company has strong technical development capabilities, with the introduction of the world advanced level of the United States and France Eudid3 SGI Series graphics workstation software, reverse engineering system in recent years, can make full use of CAD design tools, accelerate product upgrading. By the end of 1999, the company produced a total of 577 thousand vehicles, of which: 356 thousand mini cars, light trucks 221 thousand, market share in the country with the industry among the best.
Companies adhere to the quality of survival, to the variety of development, technology and progress, to serve the prosperity of the purpose, to begin planning a new strategic objectives. By the end of this century, it will be in the product development, production scale, product quality and other aspects of a new attitude presented in front of the world.

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