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Jiangling Motors Corporation Limited (simplified Chinese: 江铃汽车公司; traditional Chinese: 江鈴汽車公司; pinyin: Jiānglíng Qìchē Gōngsī), abbreviated JMC, is a Chinese automobile manufacturer. The company has operated a commercial vehicle joint venture with Ford Motor Company since 1997. JMC also has a passenger car making joint venture with Changan, Jiangling Motor Holding, which sells vehicles under the Landwind marque.

Jiangling Motors Co., Ltd. (JMC), a major key player in the Chinese automotive industry with commercial vehicles as its core focus, has been ranked as one of China’s Top 100 Listed Companies for many consecutive years.

In 2015, JMC achieved record highs in its business indexes with sales revenue reaching 24.5 billion RMB and volume over 257,000 units.

In addition to the main campus is a 1,334,000 square meter facility and 300,000 completely independent JMC units were manufactured and launched in Xiaolan with newly built pressing, welding, painting and final assembly lines, along with a completely independent JMC vehicle research and development centre.

The automation and flexibility of these production lines and facilities are all aimed towards manufacturing world-class quality vehicles at an internationally advanced level.

A state of the art technology centre has been set up with advanced digitized design capabilities and has been certified as a national high-tech enterprise.

Opening of JMC Heavy Duty Vehicle Co Ltd. (JMCH) located in Shangxi Taiyuan is a significant move by JMC to enter into the heavy duty truck industry.

This will result in a full line of commercial vehicles strategically covering heavy trucks; pickup’s and light trucks.

In the mid-1980s, JMC initially introduced internationally advanced technology to manufacture light-duty trucks and became a major light truck manufacturer in China.

JMC will further invest in an advanced, completely independent plant, manufacturing JMC vehicles and engine products, striving to establish the company into a large fully competitive heavy truck enterprise in China.

In November 1993, JMC successfully issued shares on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange and became the first listed company on the stock exchange in Jiangxi Province.

JMC was also the first to issue B shares by ADRs to introduce a foreign strategic partner in 1995.

As a pioneer to introduce foreign investment in Jiangxi Province, JMC developed rapidly and has laid a solid foundation.

The company adopted cutting-edge product technology; manufacturing and management processes forming standardized operation systems.

JMC has established international-standards that integrate R&D, logistics, MS&S and financing support that has been regarded as a model of successful sino-foreign cooperation.

The company has set up a strong marketing network throughout China. Products include: Transit commercial vehicles, Kaiyun light trucks, Baodian pickups and the Yusheng SUV, which are fuel saving and environmentally friendly models.

In recent years, JMC has been investing heavily in new product development to expand its product line. Yu Sheng, the first JMC passenger vehicle, marked a new era for the company’s passenger vehicle business.

In 2013, the brand new Yusheng S350, made its debut into the market.

Continuous introduction of new products, guarantees expansion of JMC market share

As a core competence of the company, JMC manufactures the globally recognized, advanced DURATORQ JX4D24 diesel engine. The renowned 4JB1 engine, a newly developed 3.0L diesel engine as well as the 1.5L & 1.8L GTDi petrol engine, are also well under way.

Engines with superior quality and energy saving advantages are the result of the global growth of JMC.

JMC are the leaders in establishing a modern marketing system in the Chinese auto industry having established a strong network across the country.

As a result of the four-in-one exclusive business models (sales, spare parts, service and research), JMC has over 150 first-tier dealers and over 700 sales outlets in total.

The company’s overseas sales & service network is also expanding with rapidly increasing volumes enabling JMC to become the biggest exporter of China’s light-duty diesel commercial vehicles and to be recognized as an independently manufactured vehicle export base by the Ministry of Commerce and National Development and Reform Commission of China.

The JMC brand has been selected as one of the two commercial vehicle export brands with focused support from the Ministry of Commerce.

JMC adopted the JMC Cares Service System as an ethos for high quality service processes, which result in the best customer satisfaction.

Superior marketing & sales, extensive network, fast and efficient customer service has become the company’s core mission.

As a well-known Chinese trademark, JMC has built its image as a renowned commercial vehicle brand.

JMC has established an ERP information support system and a highly efficient logistics system to ensure balanced production. The JPS lean production system guarantees seamless improvement in manufacturing.

The Quality Management Information System, NOVA-C and FCPA audit and 6sigma applications assist to improve product quality and constantly reduce costs.

JMC was honored as one of the Top 10 Advanced Enterprises of National 6sigma Management Promotion.

Sharing a win-win concept with suppliers, JMC enhances supplier assessment and optimize the supplier base, thus becoming the first automaker to pass the TS16949 integrated management review in China.

On the strength of perfecting quality management systems, over the past two years, JMC has won awards such as the First Nanchang Mayor Quality Award, National Excellent Performance, Advanced Enterprise National Enterprise, and an Environment Achievement Award, the first Jiangxi Provincial Governor Quality Award and Yusheng received the Chinese Patent Award.

In pursuit of “being stronger and bigger”, JMC are seeking a broader development space and are striving to build JMC into becoming a leading commercial vehicle manufacturer and distributor. The core competence being the commercial vehicles, the focus is on expanding into developed as well as emerging markets.

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Founded 1952
Headquarters Nanchang, Jiangxi, China
Company Name: Jiangling Motors Corporation Limited
Company Type Public
Company Products Automobiles
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