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NIO was founded by the Chairman of Bitauto and NextEV, William Li. After launch, several companies went in to invest, these including Tencent, Temasek, Baidu, Sequoia, Lenovo, TPG and other world-renowned investment institutions. Their track car, the NIO EP9 was debuted the same day the brand was established.

NIO was launched with the intention from William Li to lead the way with autonomous, electric-powered, and smart vehicles, and to make their owners feel positive about owning their products. They also want to redefine what premium service means for a car company.

NIO announced that it was issued an Autonomous Vehicle Testing Permit by the California DMV and it would begin testing on public roads under the Autonomous Vehicle Tester Program guidelines as it progresses on its path to bring autonomy to market.
Chinese name, Weilai, means Blue Sky Coming and this is represented in our symbol. The top is about the sky, openness, vision, the future. The bottom part is about the earth, direction, action and forward momentum. Blue Sky Coming is our guiding philosophy and stands for our commitment to a brighter tomorrow.

More Information About NIO

Section What Informaion?
Founded Shanghai, China 2014
Founder William Li
Headquarters Shanghai, China
Company Type Private
Company Products NextEV NIO Formula E Team
Parent Company
Socal Networks: nio twitter
nio instagram
nio Facebook
nio linkedin

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