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Venturi Automobiles is a French manufacturer of sports cars born under the name of MVS (Manufacture de Voitures de Sport). The original company built high performance mid-engined sports cars, the most well known of which is the Venturi Atlantique, from 1984 until it declared bankruptcy in 2000.

The brand was purchased in 2001. It is now based in Monaco and builds extremely limited production electric vehicles.

The modern day Venturi logo was chosen in 1989, and represents a gerfalcon (the world's fastest animal, clocked in excess of 280km/hr in a vertical dive), set on a glove, which symbolizes mastery. Above the gerfalcon is the sun of the region Loire. The oval is a remnan of the original logo. The 'V' shape is in tribute to the region of France, "Pays de Loire", as the 'V' represents a shield bearing its coat of arms.

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Venturi automobiles. ... Des Venturi en auto partage à Nice. VENTURI GLOBAL CHALLENGES. Record de Vitesse homologué par la FIA. VENTURI, LA VIDÉO. Visionner ...
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