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WEY is a marque owned by Great Wall Motor as the first Chinese luxury SUV brand. Great Wall’s R&D team, that comprises more than 1,600 highly-skilled foreign experts, spent 4 years to develop and commercialize the first high-quality Chinese premium SUV under the WEY brand. WEY considers safety its core value and aims to be the biggest premium SUV brand in the world.

WEY is originated from the English surname of Jack Wey who is founder of Great Wall Motor. WEY is part of China's SUV producer Great Wall Motor. Jack Wey, founder of Great Wall Motor, is the product manager, He gathers international R&D teams to create a Chinese luxury SUV brand.

WEY’s unique logo is inspired from the “Big Flagpole of Zhili Governor-general’s Office”, the symbol of Baoding City in China, which is the birthplace of Great Wall Motor as well as the hometown of its founder Jack Wey. The national brand pays homage to Great Wall Motors’ origins as an established pioneer of the first Chinese premium SUV.

More Information About Wey

Section What Informaion?
Owner Great Wall Motors
Staus Divisions of Great Wall Motors
Founded April 2017
Founder Jack Wey
Headquarters Baoding, Hebei, China
Company Name:
Company Type Divisions of Great Wall Motors
Company Products Automobiles, SUV
Parent Company
Socal Networks:

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